UI/UX Design Company Bangalore, India

UI/UX Design Company Bangalore

Mavinzent building the crystal clear and most user-worthy UI and UX design based on the client's requirements.We have the 6+ years experienced Designers and Developers to develop the User-worthy interface to your Products. We are doing the thorough market research about the Clients products, we will do the Storyboard, Market Research, Information Architecture, Wireframes, Prototypes and User Testing. We will craft the front-end of your products with trending technologies Twitter bootstrap, Material Design, HTML5, SASS, and LESS.

Mavinzent is the leading company for Website development in bangalore, Coimbatore.

  • Mavinzent is all about high quality.
  • Convey the Complex Brand story to ease
  • Reslove the businees issues with clear-cut technology.
  • Cross-Domain Optimizations.
  • Product will appear attractive, user-friendly, and fit in terms of contemporary needs

The Mavinzent UI/UX Design Approach

Mavinzent provides the Crystal clear and Pixel perfect UI/UX design services to the users of your Digital products. We are Following the Design Process below.
UI & UX Studio
Let's have a cup of coffee or skype call, we will discuss your idea's, Your user's Circle, and what you trying to build, what issue's facing on the products.
UI & UX Studio
After the Story Board, We have an idea what you want from the application. From your story, we will do the market research about your product and competitions. This will help us to give the right User Experience.
UI & UX Studio
Information Architecture
From the Market Research, we have an idea and possibilities about your products. We will do the architecture, how we will show the information to your clients.
UI & UX Studio
Once all the information collected, we will start with the user interface for each screen. The main thing to meet the user goals through short and sweet possible paths. We validate the Wireframe with actual applications and keep refining the wireframes until getting the exact results.
UI & UX Studio
Click-through Prototype
We define the typography, Styles, and icons for this wireframes. We will showcase the visual page designs.The Remaining Screens derivative from these sample page design. If we are doing the development too, we will create the click-through prototype models.
UI & UX Studio
User Testing
Our Development team Works on the visual pages of the Application. After finishing the development, We will take notes on how user interact with the Apps, how they are satisfied. From the user feedback, we will modify the user experience of the applications.

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