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Humans are touching the smartphones 2,617 times each day and the average of 145 minutes spend daily on it. As per Google survey, more searches happen nowadays on mobiles than on desktops. The most of the content publishers facing the common issues, ensure the user stay on the page at the time of loading the content.

This will be affected by the Return On Investment rate of the product. Now you understand the importance of the user experience on the Mobile. For resolving the issue Google’s decision for The AMP Project, or Accelerated Mobile Pages in enabling web pages to load “almost instantaneously.”

Google Move to AMP is associated with SEO community, especially concentrating on the Mobile SEO, better experience for the Mobile users. The AMP pages most suitable for the News sites Travel guides, Recipes, E-Commerce sites and Entertainment sites.

Accelerated Mobile Pages are the open source initiative planted for improving the user experience. To restricting certain parts of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, so the page load time will be cut down drastically. This tells AMP to have defined some set of custom elements that are rich content beyond basic HTML.


Components of AMP

AMP is the framework creating for the mobile pages with the following parts

AMP HTML This is subset HTML to adding the some restrictions on the full set of tags and functionality available in HTML.

AMP JS Basic Javascript framework, manages the resource handling and asynchronous loading.

AMP CDN Content delivery network helps to increase the performance optimizations.


How Accelerated Mobile Page Helps Your Business

The page load time will increase by the lot of analytic scripts, Javascript and promotional content. This causes the reader will close the page at the time of loading.

At Mavinzent, we develop Accelerated Mobile Pages will load the content instantaneously. The user no need to wait longer, the page load time will be reduced.


Mavinzent for Accelerated Mobile Page Development

Mavinzent is one the best web and mobile product development company in Bangalore and Coimbatore, India.

Mavinzent has the wide experience in developing the Accelerated Mobile Page for the companies across the world. We understand the companies need and capture their viewership and help them to meet their exact goal. As an Accelerated Mobile Page company in Bangalore, we are not only delivering the quality of code and web pages. We also providing the scalable solution to clients across the devices.

Advantage of Accelerated Mobile Pages

The major advantage of using the Accelerated Mobile Pages is load the content very fast, compared to the normal pages.
Reduced the Load Time
The AMP restrict the some analystics scripts, Java script and promotional contents. So the page will load instantaneously.
Enhance the SEO
No need to customize the content of each OS, Bots will automatically discover your web page.. Increase the page speed and mobile friendliness will enhance the SEO rankings.
Helps to ROI
AMP will helps you business to grow, the user click on you page it will take time load the content user will clsoe the pages. This will affect your conversion rate. But in AMP fast loadin of the content, user will prefer your pages will increase the business.

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