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Mavinzent is one of the leading golang development company based on Bangalore, providing services around the world. In the current trend, large and existing enterprises are using golang. Our golang developers are having the comprehensive knowledge to build highly scalable web and mobile app and cloud-based next-generation applications for any business organization.

What is Golang?

It's an open-source programming language by Google, which makes it easy to build reliable and better performance software. Rob Pike and Ken Thompson is designed, it's released on 2007. Golang is similar to C, like structural typing, garbage collection, memory safety, and concurrency.

Go provides the two features

  • Embedding
  • Delegation

Golang is the perfect language to build next-generation enterprise applications. Its a compiled and general-purpose programming language.


Advantages of using Go/Golang

Golang will make your applications more efficient and highly scalable with less effort.

High Concurrency
Golang is directly convert the program into machine code and its elliminates the interpreter. The Compiler convert the code into the executable files. So it will run mutiple functions concurrently by using the light weight threads and goroutines.

Golang defaultly designed for scalability. Depends on the applications growth, needs to manage the simultaneous task with different web browsers. Golang have the multiple bulit-in features, such as goroutines and channles to handle the multiple task within the one applications.

Cross Compiling

With the golang, the cross platform compilation of the application becomes easy. We can cross compile the applications and excute the multiple operating systems with the simple commands.

Garbage Collection

Automatic memory management is the go app default feature. Its providing the control on the memory allocation, so the latency is reduced by the recent versions of garbage collector.

Testing Support

Golang comes to the unit testing feature, now the developers can write their unit testing code parallel with their development code. It will help to understand the code coverage by some testing

Chec the error

Go app helpful to check the errors in the compilers. Go turns the program into machine codes, the result is we will get an executable file.

Go/Golang Programming Services

Golang App Development

Mavinzent offers the highly functional and faster golang app development services to the clients.

Custom Golang Development

We can build web and mobile app from scratch depends on the clients and market needs. Our development process will includes UI/UX designs, integration and deployments.

Golang Web Development

Mavinzent is the one stop solution for you golang development. Our professional developers will build the app with highly scalable and efficient way, to stay ahead on the market.

Golang Support and Maintenance

As per the demand and growth of the applications, it's essential to maintain the golang web and apps. Based on the trends needs to upgrade the applications. We will provide the support and maintenance for the golang applications.


  • Health care
  • Shopping & Ecommerce
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Food & Drink
  • Media
  • Educations & E-Learning


Compaines Which is using Golang Worldwide



Golang is highly reliable for the highest queries per second services. So Uber written their services on the golang.

You Tube

Goole implement the golang on the youtube support, it will handles the 400 hours of video per minute.


For the BBC backend developed with the golang, also scrapers and Social media crawlers developed by using the golang.


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